About Synageva


Synageva is a biopharmaceutical company given to the discovery and development of medicines for patients with rare diseases. We take responsibility for and commit to the health and well-being of patients. Hence, we ensure strict adherence to policies with our research. Also, we carry out acceptable manufacturing practices following set guidelines.


Our Ethics and Values

This company’s behavior ensures the upholding of ethical standards following guidelines set for such purposes. Our responsibility is first to the patients, so we make sure the team works together to reflect it. As with other drug research and development companies, Synageva weighs the risk to benefit ratio to prevent patients’ deliberate endangering.

We endeavor to make decisions based on our values and principles. That, in turn, enables us to take the most appropriate steps in handling situations and carrying out specific procedures. That’s especially regarding human and animal trials. However, those are not limitations. The company promotes proactivity to ensure the utmost safety.


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Work Hours

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